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May 28, 2024
Semrush 101
Semrush 101

Having a competitive web presence in today’s world means everything. This means that an organization must be able to successfully market their website and services well enough to compete against other organizations in the search results across all major search engines. This is no easy task as new organizations are created and launched everyday, generating thousands of new keywords that reindex the rankings of search results. While an organization can due their best to tailor strong SEO strategies, they also risk missing out on utilizing resources that will give them measurable data and results to better understand how to create optimal SEO tactics. 

Luckily, there is a fantastic all in one marketing assistance resource that organizations can leverage to yield stronger results in their web presence. 

Founded in 2008, Semrush is a Saas Operated online marketing tool that provides measurable results for an organization’s online presence. Offering countless features and tools to improve an organization's web presence, Semrush can help to ensure that a company is marketable and competitive. 

One of the features offered by SemRush is an SEO toolkit. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the process of employing a variety of marketing tactics to help a website appear higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). SEO is a critical component in determining how successful an organization’s web presence will be. By employing the resources within Semrush’s SEO toolkit, organizations can optimize their website and web presence to rank higher in the search results. When utilizing the SEO toolkit, organizations will be able to research and discover millions of national and local keywords. By examining commonly used keywords, organizations can then decide which words best align with their content and figure out how to structure those keywords within their site. On a side note, it is always important to ensure that a website does not include too many keywords as this may make content confusing or lead to higher web visitor drop-off rates.

Organizations also have the ability to run technical audits in order to determine the strength of their SEO and web presence. Technical audits have the ability to measure several factors that will determine a website’s success rate. These include, SEO, UX and accessibility. An SEO audit will measure topics such as keyword relevance, on page content organization and content readability. Ensuring that a website’s content is digestible is imperative as any confusion or difficulty accessing content will negatively impact KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 

A UX audit will measure a site’s success rate in terms of page time load, page layout and functionality. UX audits can also help to determine where visitors may have trouble navigating the website. For example, If a services page has a long content block that pushes the services section further down the page, then some visitors may not realize that the services are listed on this page and leave before they scroll to them. A UX audit can identify this issue and provide and resolution as well. 

Accessibility audits work similarly to UX audits. Accessibility audits measure how accessible the site is for individuals who require extra assistance when navigating a site. This includes ensuring that all images and non-text content are labeled with Alternative Text (Alt Text). Alt Text is an HTML description placed on an image. Alt Text is included to help web visitors with low vision understand the context of the content presented. Alt text will also appear if an image fails to render. Other elements measured in an accessibility audit include the web elements color contrasts and video accessibility (Closed and Open Captions, transcripts, audio descriptions). Within the SEO toolkit, users can also track their SERPs results daily. This is a great way for organizations to measure how well their SEO strategies are performing and where they need improvement.

Beyond SEO, Semrush users also have access to a variety of features including the ability to track competitors and analyze their marketing tactics. Semrush users can also create and track PPC campaigns as well as draft, schedule and post content on their social media accounts. Being able to streamline a campaign within a tool is extremely beneficial as it helps to ensure that a campaign is evaluated and critiqued at every step which will likely guarantee higher KPI results.

Overall Semrush is a fantastic option for organizations looking to optimize their web presence as well as manage and execute marketing campaigns.

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