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We're Jossi®, a web agency that specializes in making websites like yours not suck.

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In this digital age, you need an agency that keeps it real with you. Instead of confusing terms and fancy lingo, we define our services by three core pillars that will take your web presence to new heights.

UX/UI Design

Some people have no clue what this service is. Thankfully, we do. Basically, UX/UI means user facing web/app design. We'll communicate with your development team of choice to provide an industry leading handoff process.

Tools used:
Web Development

We create custom web experiences that are designed & developed by our in-house team. Whether you’re looking for your first website or a complete redesign, we assure you that if it’s made by us, it won’t stink.

Advertising & SEO

A lot of people have stunning websites, but they can’t figure out why their site performance is awful. The truth is, there’s a ton of really complicated, boring, time-consuming, nerdy stuff that you don’t wanna do, but we will.

About Jossi®

As a solo freelancer in 2020, Josiah created Jossi® (jah-see). He set out to build a company offering industry leading web services that solve problems and add value. Today, Jossi® is a thriving agency with a team dedicated to the original vision with the added commitment to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy. We are located in Westlake Village, California serving clients across the US.

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Our Process

If you're intrigued by our service offerings but think we're full of it, check out our process page where we'll break down what it looks like to work with us.

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We've probably sold you by this point, but if we haven't, feel free to submit a contact form. Contact forms typically are a place where good questions go to die. But not on our watch. We actually read and respond to our contact form submissions, so fire away.

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